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Fast transactions

98% of our transfers are ready in minutes.

Safe & Secure Transfers

We use industry leading technology to protect your money.

Best Exchange Rates

We offer better exchange rates than most money transfer providers.

We offer a wide choice of ways to send money from Australia to the Solomon Islands​

E2N Online is a fast and secure service that lets you transfer money online using a computer or a smartphone.

Bank Transfer

Send a secure bank transfer directly to all banks in the Solomon Islands.

Cash Pickup

Cash is available to collect within minutes from our shop in Honiara.

Mobile Money

Send money directly to mobile money accounts in the Solomon Islands.

Transfer at your fingertips​

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Solomon Islands seasonal workers in Australia and New Zealand. Supporting seasonal workers while they are in Australia and New Zealand and their families back in the Solomon Islands.

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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

New Zealand Labour Mobility Scheme

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